Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11: Honoring Salvatore Gitto

For me to try and put into words an honorary for a man I didn't know, was a bit daunting. I am doing this because I came across a project called Project 2996. It's a project whereby bloggers offer to write about a 9/11 victim. There were 2,996 victims of evil that day.

I am honored to write about Salvatore Gitto. Sal, as he was known, was husband to wife Angela, and father to two sons, Stephen, and Gregory. He was 44 years old on 9/11/2001. Sal worked for the same company my brother worked for at that time, Marsh & McLennan.

Everything I've read about Sal speaks to his dedication to and love of his family. He himself was a pilot and enjoyed the thrill and beauty of flying. His tribute in the New York Times was titled "Spirit in the Sky". Reading through the many other memorial pages I read about the type of friend he was, from classmates and neighbors.They all speak of a fun loving man, one who enjoyed others and made them feel loved through his acts of kindness and his joyful spirit. I invite you to read some of these because my words cannot compare to those who knew him.

I pray for Angela, Stephen and Gregory Gitto. That God will give them peace and that His love will transcend the pain of their loss and the anger they must feel towards those responsible. The LORD says that vengeance is His. Give us the strength to trust in Your Word O God.

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Beautifully done my friend.